Sunday, September 29, 2013

Youth Matters To Me - Testimonial by an 11 year-old

by Vincent Johnson

Youth matters.

Youth matters to me.

My name is Vincent Johnson and I am 11 years old, about to be 12, and this is my first year of Youth. And it is already making a difference.

My questions are not your questions. 
My understanding isn't the same as yours.
I am still learning who God is to me.
I am still learning about Jesus and what his sacrifice means.
I'm still learning to walk in this world, but not be of it.
And I need a place where I can ask the stupid questions, 
where I don't feel awkward,
Where I don't feel out of place,
and where I can feel safe to question all the things I keep being told.

Youth is a peer group.
Youth is a group of friends.
Youth is a place where we can discuss the things that bother us without the usual platitudes.

Youth is not just bible lessions,
or social hour,
or infinate fundraisers.

It is lead by Christian example.
It is without limits.
It is about what it means to be a Christian adult.

All week long, I go to school and I am afraid.
I'm big enough that bullies don't bother me.
I am smart enough that grades don't bother me.
But, I have real problems making friends.
I have a hard time relating to people
and sometimes I think that I just don't fit in.

But when I am here I stop worrying about that.
I know that no matter what I say,
no matter how I dress,
no matter what I do,
I am loved and accepted.

And THAT is why Youth matters.

This Testimonial was delivered during "Youth Sunday" at Kyle United Methodist Church in Kyle, Texas on Sunday September 29, 2013 where the author and his family are members.