Tuesday, April 9, 2013

God Listens... to Slayer.

Because... God ROCKS.
 I actually interviewed Tom Araya of Slayer in 2006. It was a fun interview. You can read it here - It's got some profanity.. so be aware - Slayer interview on Blistering.com

Since it WAS 2006 and that was the year that 6/6/06 happened and people called it "International Day of Slayer" I thought I'd go ahead and ask him "Is Slayer a Satanic band?"

Below is his response. It was interesting to hear him explain... pretty much he couldn't say "No, we aren't" and it didn't sound like the answer was "Yes, we are." It was more like... that's the image Slayer sold themselves as in 1983... here we are 30 years later and, in order to preserve the past, Tom wasn't able to give me a straight answer. I don't blame him, at all... I respect him more now because of how he answered me.

Sean Claes: "Is Slayer a Satanic band?"

Tom Araya: We brought that on ourselves. When we released Show No Mercy (1983) all of the songs were like "Black Magic" and "Evil Has No Boundaries." Then there’s the imagery that's been associated with the band.

We're not going to shy away from it. That's what the band was about when we started and the minute you start to turn your back on it, like anything else, the music will turn its back on you. We labeled ourselves and it just stuck.

We’re not going to change the kind of music we play and if we change our image we will lose our integrity. We haven’t turned our backs on ourselves and our fans.

Now... I have to say... if I'd interviewed Kerry King, I may have gotten an entirely different answer...

God loves Slayer... and you.

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